Release v5 - Huge post-jam overhaul!

Bravest of knights,

Our testing and reviewing of the 7DFPS version of Sir Gatling produced a laundry list of improvements to be made.

This week we've focused on bringing all the mechanics to the fore. Lots of new particles and sounds so that you can't miss the important events. Enemies and projectiles now cast shadows to aid depth perception. The movement system has received some love with input buffering and lots of tuning. Atezian has overhauled all the audio (and it's sounding amazing). There's a new onscreen tutorial so that you don't need to consult your training notes so often (hopefully this addresses some of the confusion on a first play).

We've also introduced a dastardly new foe: the terrible "hot sloblin"! You will come to hate this nasty foe. Show them how you feel!

All in all we've oiled and polishing Sir Gatling's armour to a bright shine, ready to be splattered with the blood and guts of his enemies. ☠

We welcome your feedback. 🙏

—Effort Star

See the full list of changes below!


Version 5

  • Gameplay
    • "Shield leap" renamed to "shield shove"
    • Adjusted shield shove movement.
    • Adjusted boss knockback and downtime.
    • Fixed a bug where lunge would not execute when releasing attack on the last frame of gatling leap.
    • Reduce mouse sensitivity by 50%.
    • Burning attacks now cause a full screen distortion and fire effect.
    • Make it impossible to miss the boss under his knee with a melee attack.
    • Prevent enemies from moving behind the boss.
  • Graphics
    • Axe destroyed effect.
    • Pitchfork destroyed effect.
    • Seeker destroyed and hit effects.
    • Fix bug where audio would stop when pressing F2 while paused.
    • Add smoke to fire attacks.
  • UI
    • Tune health bar animations.
    • Show how far you got on game over screen.
    • Add "Effort Star" logo at startup.
    • Add FMOD attribution at startup.
  • Audio
    • Full player voice overhaul.
    • Different hurt audio when hit by fire.
    • Hot Sloblins have a unique voice.
    • UI audio.
    • New audio for katana iguana, lizard wizard, sloblin and hot sloblins.

Version 4

  • Gameplay
    • Rename "full gatling" to "mighty gatling".
    • Rename "half gatling" to "high gatling".
    • Rename "mighty thrust" to "mighty power thrust".
    • New enemy type "hot sloblin".
    • Input buffering.
    • Require a minimum hold time when transitioning from swipe or lunge to high gatling.
    • Fix a bug where melee damage was too high against boss, and retune knockback.
    • Fix missing hitboxes on katana iguana and lizard wizard.
  • Graphics
    • Add water ripple effect.
    • Add span symbols on the ground beneath each arch.
    • Add shadows to enemies and projectiles.
    • Add visual effect when hitting enemies with a slash.
    • "Subtle" growing ring when groundfire spawns.
    • Ground fire ember particles.
    • Boss slides and shakes when hit.
    • Make sloblin axes visually clearer.
  • UI
    • Improve training notes chart.
    • Add onscreen tutorial that shows current and possible actions..
  • Audio
    • Fireball and ground fire audio.
    • Vastly improve seeker audio.
    • Improved deflect and hit audio.
    • Wizard attack audio.


The Ballad of Sir Gatling - 5 - 35 MB
Dec 25, 2021

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