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There’s trouble in paradise...

Marooned on a remote tropical island, where the resident seagulls are cruel and their hunger excessive, a crabby situation is afoot...

Quickly! House as many Hermans as you can before these greedy gulls snatch them up in their gobbling gullets!

Housin' Hermans is a 5 minute VR experience created at Global Game Jam 2019.

It's absolutely crabtastic!

This is a room scale VR game, requiring 2m x 2m of space. Requires Oculus Rift and Touch or HTC Vive. Steam VR must be installed.

Alex Mc@Cannonbreed 
Environment art + graphic design.

Mariska Harasymiw@mariska_hara 
Modeling + Animation. 

Matt Davis: @MattDavisGames 

Rhys van der Waerden: @Rhys_vdw 

Angus Michael Victor Arnold: @AngusMVArnold 
Music + Sound. 

Modeling + Texturing. 


Housin Hermans v2.zip 33 MB

Development log


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when will it be on sidequest


Wow, this is a cute, fun little game! It's very short but lots of fun! Those birds are quite vicious ;)