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You've been the looter, now be the lootee!
Gobby the Goblin with coin sack must flee
The humble Loot Goblin is ever pursued
By adventuring parties both rowdy and rude

You carry no weapons, just gold on your back
Slide or jump carefully to dodge each attack
Leap at the heroes to perch on their faces
Spring from their heads and you're off to the races!

Running and wall jumps will help you survive
Still it's not likely you'll last minutes five
You're facing a raid group and you're just one guy
A gobbo called Gobby, mate you're gonna die.

Keyboard Controls:
Shift - Slide
Space - Jump

Gamepad Controls (Xbox):
X - Slide
A - Jump

Carl Powell - 3D models
Ned Kirner - Game design
Angus Arnold - Music and sound
Matt Davis - Programming
Rhys van der Waerden - Programming

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsEffort Star, Crime Dog, Rhys van der Waerden, Matt Davis, Atezian


Gobby's Gold.zip 35 MB

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